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Free Auto Insurance Quotes: Teaching Your Teen About Driving Safety

Adding a teenager to your insurance policy is a scary concept for many parents. Even though you expect your premiums to skyrocket, the real issue is that your child will be out on his or her own behind the wheel of what can be a very dangerous machine in inexperienced hands. Teaching your teen to be safe when driving can help lower insurance rates and give you peace of mind.

Be a Good Example

Begin teaching your kids about driving safety long before they are anticipating driver’s permits. Model the behavior you want them to have behind the wheel when you drive. If you think you are a safe driver, take a day and monitor yourself as you drive. Ask yourself how you would feel if your teen was doing some of the things you are doing.

While you may say, “But I’ve been driving for years,” that excuse doesn’t matter to a teen. He or she will follow more of what you do and less of what you say. If you don’t want your teen to do certain things, don’t do them yourself (at least when your teen can see you).

Teach the Basics

Help your kids learn the basic rules of the road before they get behind the wheel.

While these steps won’t reduce your rates when you ask for free auto insurance quotes, it will help your teen be more aware when he or she is driving.

Take a Driving Course

One thing that will help lower your insurance rates is to have your teen complete a driving course. These courses include classroom instruction as well as time spent driving. Upon successful completion of the course, you can submit the course information to your insurance company. You can also include it when you are getting free auto insurance quotes and shopping for new insurance.

Not all courses are approved by insurance companies, so check around to find one in your area that meets requirements. You may even want to take the course with your teen. Not only will you see what he or she is learning, but you can reduce rates the next time you want free auto insurance quotes for yourself.

Choose a safe car for your teen if you plan to buy a vehicle for him or her to drive. It lowers insurance rates and can help keep your child safe if an accident occurs. Make sure it has safety features and has a high rating on crash tests.

Seeing your teen reach that age where he or she can drive independently doesn’t have to be a frightening time. If you teach your teen the important rules of driving and work to make sure he or she has a safe car, it can be a wonderful transition toward more independence and responsibility for all of you.